Sudoku Master for Palm

A few weeks back, my mother told me that my father was into “Sudoku” puzzles. I hadn’t heard of them, and when she told me they were math puzzles, I mentally rolled my eyes and quickly forgot about them.

The next time I went home to visit, my father called me into his office and handed me a paper off his printer tray so fresh that it was still warm to the touch.

“Try it,” he ordered, “You can only have the numbers one through nine in any given line vertical or horizontal and each box of nine you can only have one of each number one through nine too.”

I whined. I hate number puzzles. I’m a WORD person. I don’t like math. But he said “I’m timing you, I did mine in 40 minutes,” — and I can seldom resist that sort of challenge.

So I started. And started over. And scratched my head. And finally — something clicked and it started coming together. And, I beat his record.

Now, a couple weeks after that day, I find that there are a number of Sudoku puzzle programs for the Treo. I had to buy one to try it out.

It was a moral imperative. And, I must say, it’s a great little time-waster. And, it keeps the logical side of the brain finely honed.

The one I bought is called Sudoku Master by RealDice (available at of course) and it’s on sale at the moment. But, there are several vendors out there offering them right now. I like the timer feature and the choice of “Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard” on the one I have. It even has a “letters” version of the puzzle. *grin* (There are also graphic images – fruit, emoticons, billiards, sports, balloons (color based) puzzles.)

If you like number puzzles, or logic puzzles, you gotta try it. And if you don’t like numbers… you should probably give it a few minutes of your time anyway… I dare you to download a trial version and play just one game!