It Feels Like Winter

Cold weather makes me take a moment to think about life. Life is good. This morning, when I got up (from a toasty-warm bed), it was cold in the cabin. Quite a chill hung in the air.

Then my husband got up and said “Want a fire? Are you cold?” and immediately began the wood-burning stove ritual to get a blazing fire roaring.

Life is good. I spent some time with my sister yesterday and she stayed the night. After I finished work, we went to the Amish food store and got an armload of nuts and dried fruits and fresh fall apples. Then, we went to my favorite cheese place — a family owned business in Casey County called Zimmerman’s Homestead Cheese. They make the BEST cheese in the world there. We buy several pounds from them every month. (There’s a reason I say my family is “cheesy,” I suppose.) When we started eating organic, cheese was the thing we missed most — then I found Zimmerman’s.

My sister visited Mom in the morning yesterday and Mom sent her with three bags of garden greens to me – two mustard greens and one huge bag of turnips. I’ve blanched and frozen all the mustard greens already this morning and am working on the turnips now. I’ll be preparing the tomatoes and peppers she sent this afternoon. (Probably I’ll be eating a good portion of them – nothing beats fresh garden tomatoes).

The Fall-Winter time of the year does bring in bounty. It does offer a different kind of charm. A time to store up and pull in closer, a time to stay close to be physically and emotionally warm.

I’ve got a bad case of the warm fuzzies this morning. I’m counting each and every one of my blessings — and it’s taking awhile. But it’s the little things — like a husband who builds me a fire before heading out to work. A father that comes down to work on my cabin, a sister who gives me a day of her very busy life, a mother who sends love through the bounty of her garden… and the list goes on.

Health, Wealth and Happiness. It’s relative. It’s essential. It’s nice to have.

I have some work to do today to prepare for the Halloween celebration that’s pending over on WickedWordCraft… but even working on a Saturday is going to be enjoyable today.

And I think, just maybe, the upcoming holiday season may be one I enjoy instead of one I dread. I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping already — and that helps. It’s all paid for — and that helps even more. I will even be wrapping things up over the next couple weeks so that I don’t have that chore at the end of the timeline — when things get rushed and crazy.

I may even find myself converting traditional holiday recipes to organic and keeping the cabin filled with the aroma of the holidays.

Having the decision made to stay put instead of hitting the road has changed my outlook. It was a bit depressing, to be honest, when the decision was first made. Now, at least, I know where I’ll be. Work is progressing on the cabin again and life is settling in. I know that the springtime will bring out my wanderlust again (Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons and they both bring an internal change for me) but for now, I’m settled. I’m soothed.