It’s That Time of Year… Tech Bug Bites Me HARD!

Around this time every year, I buy a new computer. I wear mine out. Literally. I didn’t have to buy one last year because the desktop replacement laptop I had died and my warranty covered a brand new system. So I lucked out (if having your system die can be considered good luck.)

Hey, I always look for the silver linings — and I always keep a good, up-to-date backup! ;o)

But this year, I’m thinking more about how I use my computer, how I WANT to use my computer and where the technology IS at this moment in time. For several years, I’ve opted for an all-in-one system. A high-powered laptop with desktop features — so I could take one computer with me and have all my “stuff” with me too.

I’ve looked at a tablet-conversion PC option several times in the past. Back when I was in college, long before touch screen, write-on-the-screen laptops were a possibility, I wrote a research paper which included a technology forecast for a Ecology and Technology course where I predicted a tablet PC — where everyone kept their essential information in a digital version of a stenopad.

Yeah, if only I had done more than predict it…maybe I’d be rich by now.

Lately the tablet PC option has captured my fancy again. It’s probably because NoteStudio has become such an integral part of my workday and because I’m now looking into OneNote as a more powerful option to organize ALL my information (and one that has spellcheck… I GOTTA have spellcheck!)

I’m not sold on OneNote yet, BTW… but I did downloaded a free 60-day trial version, which turned out to be a 90+ day version with an end date of Jan 31st 2006 when I downloaded it last night.

Last night and this morning I’ve spent many hours to see if my dream machine, or something close, is now available.

Best I can figure, it’s not.

I’ve reviewed the reviews, I’ve watched the full-motion videos, I’ve read the hype, I’ve compared sizes and weights, I’ve spent hours to determine that what I want isn’t yet available. Dang it.

What do I want? (Just in case anyone is out there listening… like my techno-fairy-godperson…)

I want a tablet-pc conversion that’s got a decent keyboard, is thin, weighs 4.5 pounds or less, can be stored in a leather “folio” looking case (like the yellow pads I used to carry to my board meetings, that has a 7+ hour battery life, that offers an integrated DVD player (for traveling and entertainment), that has a 80+ gig drive, a touch screen, is pen computing enabled and is no larger than a standard composition book (those little hard-bound ones that we used for chemistry class notes and experiments back in the “old” days). It also needs to have enough power to be fast, a quick on/quick off button to suspend (without software conflicts and nightmares) and I should a video configuration that will let me play Civ and Sims2 on it. Not that I ever have time to play either of those anymore — (my Nightlife expansion has remained in the cellophane for over two weeks now)– but I’m an incorrigible optimist.

Yeah, that about sums it up. That’s what I want.

Yeah, I know, I want too much. I always want too much… but wouldn’t it be cool?

I’d like to be able to sketch down my notes into something that would integrate it into an organized “notebook” style format (perhaps like OneNote, but I’ll have to test drive that some more to know for sure).

I need a better way to organize my computing life — and the rest of my life too.

Suddenly (also a seasonal thing) I have this urge to purge. And that usually means that I want to get rid of alot of stuff, organize everything that’s left and “lighten” my load both figuratively and physically.

Someday my perfect machine will come. For now, I’m looking over my current software programs, determining which ones need to be updated, which ones need to be dropped and which, if any, new ones I need to purchase before the end of the tax year.