Online Versions of Original Old Texts Let YOU Turn the Pages!

How would you like to see the personal sketches and notebook of the original Renaissance man… Leonardo Di Vinci? How about the handwritten texts of Jane Austen? How would you like to flip through a beautifully hand illustrated, leather bound edition of historical botanical prints?

How would you like to do it all right now? From your computer? Without moving an inch?

I’ve just discovered the British Library’s website Turning the Pages and as a book lover, I must say it’s AWESOME!

So, when you get a few moments, go take a peek at some of the greatest works in history presented in a form that really IS the next best thing to hopping a plane and going to view the originals! There’s even a magnifying glass that will let you get really close to the handwritten words and hand illustrated pages. Simply amazing.

Warning: You will need ShockWave downloaded to “turn” the pages. I had avoided it up until now… but this website alone makes the download worthwhile.