Privacy – A Threatened Commodity by RFID-Using Misaligned Marketing Moguls

As many of my regular readers know, privacy is a big issue for me. As such, I wanted to send you a bit of info about the RFID chips and cards that are quickly being adopted as a “marketing” technique and as an “inventory” technique. Currently touted as an “improved bar code” these little gems aren’t at all like bar codes. They aren’t the same for every identical item as barcodes are, and they transmit (electromagnetically) information about themselves, and YOU, also unlike traditional barcodes.

To learn a bit more about these invasive things…Visit: And you may want to follow a few of the links on this thorough site to learn more about what your grocery “saver club” cards and other newer technologies are really doing to your privacy.

Makes me glad I’ve gone “organic” to avoid most of the tracking and privacy destroying tactics of these so-called marketing experts. Marketing should not be confused with these tactics.

Ethics should be observed before monetary gain, IMHO. Call me old fashioned. (It’s ok, I don’t mind.)