The Next Step – To Mobilize or Stabilize?

I’ve hit a wall. I have everything going exactly the way I want it to go with the business. It’s a bit busier than is comfortable — but how many people running their own business wouldn’t jump at the chance to complain about that?

Business is good. (check) My husband is awesome. (check, check) and my daughter has gone from struggling with single syllable words to burning through “chapter books” and novels on a fourth to fifth grade level in the last six months. (check, check, check).

But, we have taken time off, away from the farm, away from progress on the cabin, away from having a plan…and the limbo is dreadful! I’m feeling healthy again — almost normal! Hubby is settled into his job and we have a routine figured out. Routines, when you are happy, are good things. :O)

But the thought of filling every waking, non-working moment with building the cabin… well it’s been a bit more than I could stomach for awhile. I think I had serious building “burnout.”

Wayne and I sat down to talk about the future last night. We talked about our current lack of direction and our need for that direction. We have a financial plan, we have a plan for most of the huge issues, but what we didn’t have was the “One year to three year” plan. That one was MIA.

Together, we decided that the travel needed to wait awhile. So the Bambi (or Safari) and the Jeep are on ice for a bit. We are going to finish the cabin first. Part of me loves that idea, part of me would rather just run away for a year and figure THAT out when we return. But having a decision made on that lifted a huge weight from us both. It was a weight that Wayne didn’t even know he had. “It feels good to have a plan and have made that decision,” he told me grinning last night. I must agree.

Of course with Winter coming on, staying here in the cabin on the Lake has it’s own charm… namely the wood burning stove. Nothing in this world is warmer or cozier than a wood burning stove. (And the woodpile is well stocked.) If the price of electric and natural gas do go up as much as projected, we will be adding a wood burning stove into our own cabin a bit sooner than planned. It will need to be added before the sunroom addition rather than waiting until after that expansion is complete.

So, when we finish the cabin, we may consider the mobility route again. But for now, we are going to finish up the cabin, get my office in shape and plan to grow a garden next year to help cut the costs of living an organic lifestyle.