Back in Kentucky to Write Some More

I’m back in my home state again now. Florida was nice and I did make some wonderful progress on the book.

I also made progress with getting to bed at an hour before the a.m. and I even took a couple naps during my time away!! Naps, I say! I think they boost my creative juices… yeah, THAT’s the ticket! If I’d managed to squeeze in a dozen naps, the book may well be complete my now ! :O)

Today my sister and I are headed for the hills, literally. She has a presentation to make (part of her graduate program studies) while I’m in the retreat house writing and learning to survive without DSL.

If and when I do take to the road, I’ll have to have a faster Internet connection. The “on again, off again” signal at the house in Florida made it difficult to do any work online. It did make it nice for the writing portion, however, and probably made me more productive than I would have been if I’d had a good, steady signal.

The drag in Internet access, even when using my Treo, is making me crazy — and I’ve not had a “no-drag” connection while I’ve been away. I need to investigate the satellite dish options to see how much that will address the problem. I’ve not researched those for a couple years, and I understand they have really “come of age” in the last year or so.

I met with Jodi in Florida, and it’s always nice to actually see the faces of the people that you work with on a daily basis. This year, I’ve seen Christine Whitman and Jodi Diehl.

When you work online and your business is outsourcing, it always feels a little weird to anticipate actually meeting up with the people in the flesh. But, when I do meet with people I talk to and work with every day, it takes about 15 seconds to feel completly at ease.

We had a long, albeit enjoyable meeting to review some of our current business projects and to do a bit of planning.

We flew in Wednesday night and my husband picked us up at the airport. Then, with my daughter enjoying the last leg of her own break – Fall Break — from school with my Mother, Wayne and I had a date. A NO KIDS date!! (We can count on one hand the number of those we have EVER had). We took in a handful of new movies and just goofed off together on a Thursday in the middle of the week. It was delicious! For the life of me, I can’t figure out why we don’t have dates more often (and neither can he). Seems that there’s always SOMETHING that comes up.

He drove me to my sister’s house last night so we could leave from here when she gets out of class. So, I need to go re-arrange my backpack to prepare for the second leg of my retreat now.

Until Monday, I’m back on the road!