I have a Treo… Can Someone Loan Me a Pen?

When you become a real Treo nut, you notice that the concept of pen and paper often leaves you.

Even as a writer, I have to REMEMBER to take my composition book (I stock up on those old-fashioned school book ones with the hard cover that go on sale for 50 cents every August during back-to-school sales at Wally-World).

But, even when I forget to grab my comp book and a pen, I always remember my Treo. And, often, I find myself standing at the checkout somewhere with my tiny keyring-attachment credit card in one hand, my treo in the other and no pen to sign my name. (Not every store is up to speed on the digital signature consoles.)

Now, I can even sign credit and debit card receipts with my Treo… sort of…

I liked my original stylus. It’s all-metal construction and heavy feel was nice.

I refused to consider any of the “cool” light up stylus products I’ve seen. After all, that’s just plain ridiculous, I have a backlight on my Treo, what’s the use in a “light up” stylus — except to have yet another thing wear out and have to be replaced? I have enough batteries to swap out in my life already.

I’d seen the pen-in-one end stylus products too, and had thought…. Ohhhh, THAT’s cool! But I figured it was just the writer in me that likes to make a writing utensil of anything and everything. (If I were on a desert island, I’d have a number of sharpened sticks and cleared beaches — it nearly a compulsive thing with me.)

Anyway… I ordered one of the Styra stylus pens from
when I ordered the minibud earphones — just to try it.

It’s been a couple weeks now and although this stylus isn’t as heavy and substantial “feeling” as the original palm one… I do like it alot.

I’m now truly NEVER without a pen. I don’t know how long the ink cartridge will last, so I only use it when I have no other pen within arm’s reach — but I’m sure I’ll be buying another one or two when I place my next order with

If you are always digging in your purse, or tapping your pocket for a pen — or asking someone else to borrow theirs (because you have a Treo and don’t need one as often these days) — you may want to consider trying the
. Boxwave has dubbed it “the stylus upgrade” and I think it’s an appropriate description.