Hearing Negative Things About Sprint’s Treo

I’ve read several negative reviews of the Treo, and today I spoke with a well-respected colleague about her own Treo 650. She’s on Treo number FIVE — all with the same hardware/software issues and firmware problems.

What do the bad reviews all have in common? Their cellular service carrier…Sprint.

My colleague says her husband’s boss has endured the same issues with his multiple Treos through Sprint as well.

Personally, I have Cingular service and couldn’t be happier. My aunt came up from Alabama this weekend (*waves at Alicia who is now a regular reader*) to get her own Cingular Treo 650 set up.

She’s loving it.

Several of my clients using a Treo 650 are using the Cingular service without issues.

Now, maybe it’s just a coincidence… but it’s worth noting, just the same.

Proceed with caution folks. :O)