Ahhh, a Day of Needles and Drills

Nothing makes you appreciate life QUITE as much as having blood drawn and getting dental work done. I, in my usual fashion, decided to get all the “yucky” stuff on my to do list done at once. And, today was the day.

Warning, what follows can only be classified as a rant. Proceed with caution.


The hospital in Danville, Kentucky had two phlebotomists in the outpatient area. Between the two of them, and after three attempts at different veins in my arm… they still couldn’t draw blood.

At that point, I told them they were finished. I stood up and rolled my sleeves back down. They looked puzzled.

I’m not sure anyone had ever walked out on them before — but I did. Before the first stick, I told them that I got cranky if I was stuck more than once.

Have I mentioned that I HATE needles? I usually walk out before the second try, because I can’t abide being (or having my kids be) unnecessarily stuck, but it’s a long drive and I needed to get the bloodwork done, so I tried to hang for an extra stick or two.

I’d had to fast before getting the blood drawn, and I had appointments scheduled with clients starting really early this morning, so it was noon when I arrived. I was hungry, I was on my way to have a lovely afternoon in my dentist’s chair, and I had already been stuck three times — I think that’s the definition of bad day.

It was for me today.

After my fun with needles, I ate a couple squares of cheese and a pear before going to my dentist’s office and brushing vigorously (something that she fussed at me about last time I was in – I apparently brush TOO vigorously). Then, for the next four and a half hours, I was in the dentist’s chair. The three “reworks” and one cavity turned into a huge ordeal. I think I’ll use an extra soft brush and do the little circles I taught the kids to use from here on out, even though she said none of the problems were anything I could have prevented.

Apparently, back in high school when I had my last cavities filled, there wasn’t a dye test for something or another before metal fillings were placed. This means that three of my teeth now had problem areas between the old filling and the formerly “healthy” tooth. And one of those… well, it was alot worse when they pulled out the old filling than they realized.

Not a pleasant day. Let’s just leave it at that.

And, I learned something new… apparently, if you don’t eat before going in and getting the anesthetic (local) for dental work, it wears off faster. Something about your body absorbing it faster. So, more needles. Three rounds of needles in my mouth all over the place. Today must have been my magical “three” day where all needle ordeals were concerned — I had three attempts at the hospital. I had three shots at the dentist office and all three of those had to be done a second and then a third time. Bad Karma, eh?

I’ve never had my eyelids numbed before — but I got to enjoy that lovely experience today. I literally had eyelids that were thick and fat-feeling. And I had an itch on my cheek that was impossible to scratch. I scratched and couldn’t feel the result, so it just kept itching. It was really weird. And annoying.

Am I cranky? Heck yeah! But, at least all my required work at the dentist is now done. And, I’ll worry about going in to another location to get the blood drawn later — it’s not something I care to even consider at the moment. Now, all that’s left is paying the whopping bill… perhaps I should have been a dentist!

Of course, the thought of digging around in other people’s nasty mouths all day — ewww! I think I’d rather do what I do and love life than make more and hate my life.

At least I have (basically) healthy teeth and have had very little need for major work in my lifetime. I dunno what I’d do if I had this type of day very often. Of course, I guess without occasional crummy days, it would be hard to properly appreciate the really good ones. Right?

Nah … I could enjoy my good days just fine without needles and drills again — ever.