Treo and Microsoft Announce New Verizon Treo – with Windows 5.0 OS – Treo 700 W Due In 2006

Weeks of speculation ended today when Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who admitted to “lusting after” what Palm does well, joined forces with Palm CEO Ed Colligan and Verizon Wireless CEO Denny Striglat a CTIA Wireless conference earlier today, according to a report in Red Herring released this afternoon.

Although I like the idea of having these “big boys” working together — especially with the addition of the upcoming wireless broadband… I feel the need to morn the end of an era. And I wonder what the palm software development community will say.

I do hope this doesn’t prevent the Linux model, also rumored, from being pushed into a reality.

Or read Verizon’s release:

Or Microsoft’s release:

Or view Palm’s new “splash screen” at: (Update 4/2011 – link is broken)

According to Jonathan Spira, chief analyst of Basex, a research firm on knowledge sharing and collaboration, “It’s not the end of the world,- (A quote from the Red Herring article).

But I still feel a bit of mourning coming on.

Aside from that, I feel a bit of excitement wondering how quickly the broadband wireless access will spread — if I’ll ever be able to access that from the farm — and I see a new age for the Treo itself — and age which will probably be the end of the Blackberry device as we know it now.

Way back when I first became interested in a mobile pocket-sized wireless-internet enabled solution, I compared what Blackberry had and what the Treo product offered. I picked Treo hands down. The other up and coming devices were light years behind where the Treo already was. I had a Zaurus back when it was the only thing of the type — and I still have that old dinasaur. (I was so proud of it back then!)

Even now, knowing that there are glitches and issues with any new software, hardware and especially with any new technology — I may be a bit more tolerant of some things than other users — but the potential to change the way that we do business, the way we even life our life — and the way we communicate with one another is constantly evolving.

This is the next step.

I hate it that Microsoft and all it’s “bloat” will be added to the clean, lean Treo product. I hope that a moment of revelation will alter the way MS handles such things. I hope that they will finally realize that people don’t like to dig into the guts of things as a general rule and that having a fail-proof machine that delivers as promised and still offers customization and flexibility for the individual is essential.

For years, I’ve grumbled about people who call me for help when their machine goes down and I discover that they had no virus protection (or a sadly out of date one), no firewall and no security. I’ve complained and “tsk-tsked” at them.

But the fact is… my father is right… (oh did I say that OUT LOUD?!?!). He says “What people want is a toaster, they don’t care how it works, they just want it to work — without a problem, every time.”

That coming from my father — who is a computer guru from WAAAaayyyy back, is a bit offputting, but it’s true.

And, as I become more involved in how the flow of information works, how the Internet and the modes and methods of communication have changed our world… I am less tolerant of hardware and software that is overly complex to use, and less than perfectly dependable.

I write. I research marketing trends and communication innovations. THIS is what turns my personal crank. I deal in information and communication. It’s my “thing.”

The reason I am so enamored with mobility is because it lets me do what I love most — from any location.

So I can spend some time in the mountains of Colorado or in the swamps of Florida, and anywhere in between and still do what I love. I can work from wherever. I can live life on MY terms, by MY rules.

And that is the key to mobility, to the wave of the future and to the new breed of mobility.

It’s an exciting time to live. And even if Microsoft has invaded the previously pristine place of the Palm I can learn to deal. I know it’s another step to making a reality from what I can only begin to fathom now.

Simply put, it all fascinates me.