Homeland Stupidity

Without going into a huge expose on my political objections to the way our wise and wonderful government handles the issue of “homeland security” — (ie, “Let’s remove individual rights, clog the already sticky wheels of our required government involvement, increase the paper chase and THEN see if anyone has time to actually worry about security…”) — I’ve decided to share some information here as my own tiny protest.

Visit “Homeland Stupidity” where IOError.us collects and shares some of the things that make me crazy. If you have a few moments, check it out. If you have enough time to be REALLY upset and ticked off, first Google and then wade through the actual text of the Patriot Act and Son of Patriot. THAT will get your American blood boiling.

Well, enough ranting for today. It’s Sunday, there MUST be better endeavors and I’m going to commit my resources to finding one. Have fun!