Sometimes Life-Work Balance is FORCED on a Person!

Yesterday, around 1:20 p.m., while I was on the phone, I heard the rumble of a large truck. Moments later, the entire cabin shook and the phone went dead. Thinking that the truck had clipped the side of the cabin, I ran outside. We are still staying in my parent’s cabin by the lake until we can finish our own cabin on the farm. During this time, the biggest transition has been getting used to being part of a community again.

I have neighbors. It’s weird.

And, when they have concrete trucks come in, like yesterday, it gets a bit weirder. (Is that a word?)

Anyway, the cabin had not been hit by the truck, despite the shuddering of the dwelling. Instead, the electric and the phone/DSL had been ripped from the side of the house.

That’s what caused the jarring.

So, with a packed schedule and a ton of projects I found myself completely out of business. Hubby had gone to run some errands only moments before the truck came by. I would find out later that he’d passed the truck on the drive out.

Cell phones are useless here. I can only use mine when I’m away from home — which (usually) is preferable, but not yesterday. I went to my “high tech” neighbor and borrowed a phone and his wireless Internet long enough to touch base with my clients and reschedule appointments via email. I also rerouted all my direct line calls through to my 800 number so there would be an answering machine for clients until I could get things back “up” and going.

I just barely completed my tasks before my computer lost the last of it’s juice.

I’d not had time for a hot shower that morning, since my work began before 6 a.m., so I quickly took one, while the hot water heater was still warm. No telling how long it would be before I had that option again, I reasoned.

Then I looked around.

What to do?

I started getting really stressed, after all this would put me behind when I was just about to get caught up on all my outstanding projects. Of course, every day I’m nearly caught up and every day more comes in. So, getting “caught up” is more like a little lie I tell myself than a reality.

I’ve been loving work so much lately, that I’ve been overdoing the hours again. Even Wayne has commented that I needed to take some time away from work.

But, with the “flow” going so well, with me enjoying it so much and with the income bringing us closer and closer to a debt-free existence… it’s really hard to stop. There are too many rewards when I keep going.

But, yesterday, I stopped. Dead in my tracks. And you know what I did?

I read some articles that had been in my “to read” pile for over a month. I took a nap. A NAP — in the middle of the day, with Alex at school and my husband gone running the household errands (out of the kindness of his heart and so I could continue working) — I took a NAP!

I awoke 45 minutes later to the sound of workmen outside (there were five repair trucks working to get me back online). So I took a pen and a piece of paper and sketched out a couple of my next articles on marketing and life-work balance, and I took the afternoon at a leisurely pace.

It was absolutely delicious.

And it was needed. I have really been enamored with my projects lately, so much so that I’d forgotten that I still need to take regular breaks “away” from it all.

Even this weekend, I spent getting a full system backup and cleaning up and reorganizing all my files on my computer.

How DOES a person write and collect nearly 60 gigs of information single-handedly? Inquiring minds want to know!

I got my “desktop” clean enough to match the desk that I cleaned off a couple weeks ago. It made me feel great — but it didn’t give me any time “off” over the weekend.

So Monday, I had my time off. My power was restored just after 5:30 and it was nearly 6:00 before my DSL and phone lines were back on.

And that was the time I should have been wrapping up for the night. So, I wrapped up for the night, cooked dinner and read my daughter a story. It was a good day.

Not productive in the ways that I usually strive for my days to be… but productive in a self-nurturing sort of way that helped me to refocus on what’s most important and prepare myself for today.

Sometimes, when you don’t take the time you need, the “powers that be” find ways to remind you of your own philosophies and force your hand.

Personally, I’m thankful for my mini-catastrophe yesterday. It helped remind me that I enjoy writing longhand notes sometimes, that a nap is sometimes the best medicine in the world and that my daughter will soon not WANT to curl up in my lap and read to me and have me read to her.

Yesterday was a great day and today is better as a result of it.