Business Blogger Encourages Others to Enjoy Blog Benefits

(Dunnville, KY – August 31, 2005) Many business owners hesitate to blog because they feel they aren’t ‘good writers’ or they don’t want to ‘open up’ to the world. Marketing consultant, Angela Allen of, encourages website owners to utilize the blog format to share their knowledge in a blog. Why? Because it works. Angela L Allen, of , is a writer and Internet marketing consultant who encourages her clients to communicate and keep a constant content flow on their websites to attract visitors. “Keeping content fresh and interesting keeps people coming back,” explains Allen. She discovered how this approach works for her own business when, on a whim, she added a blog to “play around” on the backend of her business site.

She discovered how effective it could be for business when WickedBlog, her personal and marketing blog, started getting more hits than the other sections of her business site. “The popularity of WickedBlog over the past few months encouraged me move the blog to it’s own domain,” said Allen. WickedBlog was introduced as an unadvertised “backend” feature of WickedWordcraft in 2003, although it contained archives from a previous personal blog dating back to 2000. Later, Allen added a link to the blog from the index page, but says it was being ‘Googled’ before it was linked to the main page.

The popularity of the site encouraged Allen to launch as an independent site last month on a separate hosting account. “I never thought I’d get ‘fan mail’ for a blog,” said Allen, “but it happens quite a bit these days. And the blog format lets me do what I enjoy most – write. It provides an informal format that invites me to share information on a variety of topics on a regular basis.”

This original WickedBlog was recently joined by sister-site, a specialized blog dedicated to helping real estate agents, consultants, entrepreneurs and writers use the Palm Treo 650 to manage their mobile careers.

Allen uses GeekLog, an open source weblog system to power both blogs. “Geeklog is a great format. This system lets me write live online from my office or on the road using my Treo. The blog helps keep me connected and expressive,” said Allen, who admits she’s kept journals since the age of seven.

“Many of my clients hesitate to blog because they feel they aren’t ‘good writers’ or they don’t want to ‘open up’ to the world,” said Allen. “I urge them to utilize the blog format to share their passion for their business and encourage them to be confident enough to show their more ‘personal’ side. Why? Because I know it works.”

Allen says potential clients usually contact her after reading one of her articles, a few blogs entries, or being referred personally by another client. She says these clients express that they feel comfortable working with her because they already feel that they know her. “In a service industry like mine,” said Allen “that’s a serious advantage over the competition.”

Angela L. Allen is a writer, Internet marketing consultant and consummate technology hobbyist/geek. She has published articles in print media, online and writes monthly columns for the real estate industry, agents and brokers in ePOWER! News. is located on a rural farm in the beautiful backwoods of Dunnville, KY, 42528 and serves clients across the globe.