Best Earphones for Listening to Music and Audio Books

I love the dual-use of the Seidio earphones/mic combination, but the new earphones I got in from Boxwave today — blow the doors off of them for audio quality and sheer volume capacity.

I will probably miss the in-line volume control of the Seidio, but the Boxwave minibuds coil up into a tight little package, are uber-portable, and sound better than anything I’ve ever used with my Treo — for music, audiobooks and movies.

Beware of cranking it up at “normal” volume levels on your applications — I’m running mine about 1/5 of my “normal” volume for the combo earphones.

These earphones (I selected the silver white ones — just to be different) offer crisp, full-range audio for all my most essential applications.

They aren’t cheap, but they (in the 20 minutes I’ve had them on already — even while I’m blogging now) are worth every cent.

This is the second step of “reworking” my Treo accessories package to make them more portable, better protection and the best possible performance. (The first step was the new case by Sena).

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another little goodie…

*Tapping foot to classic Pure Prairie League*