Treo 650 Case Review: My New Sena Magnet Flipper Leather Case Arrived

On Saturday, the mailman brought me my new Treo 650 case — the Sena flip-front model.

I have used it over the weekend to keep the Treo on my hip to give it a mini-workout and determine if this is the case for the Treo 650 that I’ve hoped it would be.

I got mine “gently used” from for about 35% off the new price. It’s a nice, snug fit on my new Treo and the snap-strap over the top makes me feel much safer — as if THIS one won’t permit my Treo to go flying out when I’m not paying attention.

The two magnet sets at the top are fairly strong and usually catch with a wrist flip, but a more “manual” approach to the placement of the screen protection portion is sometimes necessary.

The leather is nice and the ratcheting clip seems firm and secure.

The one thing new that I really like? No wiggling down the case to take a picture. Although there’s no direct protection over the camera lens, there’s also no need to wiggle it up to take that quick picture. It’s a fair trade.

I think I’m just relieved that I could keep a leather case. I don’t like the rubber (silicone) ones or the metal ones. The first ones don’t offer enough protection, especially to the screen, and the latter make it impossible to use the Treo quickly — and see all the options.

Now, if only it were in “Wicked” purple leather instead of my standard choice — black leather. :O)

Maybe someday…

If you want one of your own, surf eBay for a deal, or visit for a new one.