I Should Write… But the Second Season of Charmed is Out on DVD

You know, lately, I’ve been working excruciatingly long hours — excruciating for my family, but not for me. I’ve never been quite so hyped up about my work as I am right now.

  • Perhaps it’s the fact that I sketched out the beginning of a new novel last week.
  • Perhaps it’s the sheer number of billable hours I’ve been able to keep under my belt lately.
  • Perhaps it’s just that its nice to FEEL good enough to work long hours again.

Maybe it’s a couple of exciting new projects I have underway for clients, and a couple more that I have going for myself.

Or, it might be the work I’ve done on the redesign of www.WickedWordCraft.com and the cross-branding concepts between my three sites.

Maybe it’s that I’m working up the notes on a non-fiction book that I’ve had outlined for about two years — and I’m finally making some real progress. (I’ve even set a hopped-up deadline that I’m striving to meet.)

Maybe it’s that I just sold a few more articles to well-paying markets.

Whatever it is, it’s like everything under the sun is going my way lately. It’s almost scary. But for now, and as long as it lasts, I’m working … and working… and working.

I may not be the best companion at the moment, and my blog entries may be sagging a bit, compared to the normal tomes I write here… but I’m getting so much accomplished!

It’s truly invigorating.

And, by the time I push away from my desk in the evening, I’m mentally numb. Numb and easily distracted.

So, I bought the latest season of Charmed… and now, I’m going to go kick back and get lost in a world that could never happen — but one that’s nearly as full of magic as my own has been of late.