News for Real Estate Marketing: Trend Shows Women’s Education is Outpacing Men’s – Provides Great Niche Market Opportunity

More women under the age of 45 have college degrees than men, according to a new report by The Media Audit (International Demographic, Inc.).

The trend has been growing rapidly, and the figures show how quickly the less educated gender of a few decades ago has become the more educated gender of today. There is an even bigger margin between the genders in minority groups, according to the report.

This will affect the spending power of target markets for many advertisers and will, in a short time, even shift the focus of advertising targeting itself, IMHO.

It may change the way small businesses advertise their products. Coupling this fact with the fact that women are marrying later and are much more likely to purchase a house without a spouse, the real estate agents among my readers consider how to present their homes to these more educated and soon-to-be more affluent women.

I can even see some cutting edge real estate agents deciding to niche the single, affluent, professional female as their target audience. Appealing to this demographic, especially in larger markets, could prove to be a great niche market.