Try the new Yahoo! IM — It Rocks!!

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been an IM holdout. I only use Yahoo! and I’d been using a three-year old version of that — because I didn’t like all the crap that slows down my connection speed. The new version seems to have cleaned up quite a bit of the drag issues.

So, I’ve changed my mind. I downloaded the new Yahoo! IM and I’m KEEPING IT! I don’t use MSN at all (that just me despising Microsoft), I don’t use the new barebones Google IM beta (yet!) I don’t like Trillian (even though I purchased the professional edition) — it’s too buggy with the cross-platform handling and I’m tired of upgrade issues — but I’m LOVING this new version of the Yahoo! IM.

It has so many features! Including a telephony with incredible quality! You only notice a quality drag when you are running multiple programs and pulling heavily on bandwidth resources (like huge downloads while scanning for viruses simultaneously). Then, your caller may sound a bit like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. But I digress… let me tell you all the good stuff:I’m talking on their Yahoo! Voice product while I’m typing this blog.

It’s also multinational! So now I can chat with my clients overseas without the normal charges. I can even leave them VOICE MAIL!!

The animated features, the graphics interface, the whole package — even music on tap. It’s good, really good.

With a quality headset (I use a full-sized Plantronics with inline mute and volume controls — and highly recommend it), this is better than my landline’s quality.

Loving it! If you haven’t tried it already… GO, do it now.

Personally, I’m going back to converting the rest of my IM Buddies and encouraging them to upload the new version. I have even converted a few of my clients already today!

I might just have to reconsider the whole computer cam idea again — since you can multi-cast to IM buddies. What a great way to do real-time demonstrations, hold visual mini-teleconferences with multiple individuals and show a client focus group exactly what they should see when helping them with technical upgrades or even individual troubleshooting on their computers — or to allow me to see what THEY are doing as I walk them through the process on the IM phone.

You can also dress up your own avitar (mine, appropriately, looks like a witch) and you can play games, doodle, change IMVironments and even skin it. Make it your own!

Oh my, the possibilities! :O)