Pursuing My Bliss: Writer’s Struggles Captured in Quote

Since I often work with Real Estate professionals (they comprise about 80% of my client load), I’m often asked why I don’t BECOME a real estate agent… I’m asked this fairly often by my RE clients. Even my own father asked me that at couple years back.

It reminds me of a certain southern gentleman who ran for Sheriff in a Maryland town when I lived there. I’d resigned my post as the managing editor of the local paper to become his campaign media coordinator. I wrote his speeches, wrote and directed his TV commercials, wrote and designed his ads, handled his PR and helped him determine the best ways to approach responses to predictable, but sticky, public and press questions. (We won his bid for election, BTW.)

I loved it and, after the election was over, he asked me why I didn’t go into politics myself. He said if I ever did, he’d come “stump” for me in Kentucky. He’s a great guy. But, now — like then — I don’t have that urge.

I like what I do now. I like consulting and working behind the scenes. Although I enjoy working to help real estate agents build their business, although I stay on top of Internet marketing trends, although I like keeping my fingers on the pulse of technology (especially as it relates to the real estate industry)… I’m a writer. It’s what I do. It’s my passion.

Luckily, I live in a time when all these things come together beautifully and I’ve been able to build a profitable business doing what I enjoy most. The Internet is the great enabler!

So, when I came across the following quote, from Maria Lenhart, I knew I’d have to share it here on WickedBlog…

“The fact that writers will go through so much to remain writers says something, perhaps everything. It would be far easier (and nearly always more profitable) to become a real estate agent.”

That pretty much sums it up. I write. It’s what I do. I suck up as much knowledge about topics that interest me as I possibly can. I follow trends and watch as this modern world unfolds with remarkable, amazing speed.

I find myself filled with awe when I research and learn — whether it’s about the use of digital age specific doubles in movies, local search engine trends, the future of the Internet, how online resources are affecting traditional libraries (and even the concept of “library,”), how the demographics of Internet usage is rapidly changing our world and how the very basis of how we communicate with each other is now undergoing a massive overhaul.

So why don’t I “go political?” Why don’t I get my real estate license? Why don’t I select a more “stable” career than writing appears to be?

Because I don’t want to.

Maybe I’d make more money doing something else (but I doubt that, I’m doing fine as is), maybe I’d find something that would interest me more (that’s even less likely than a pay-raise), but when you do what you love, when you have FUN and progress through life learning something new everyday (or many new things) you are living life to the fullest, IMHO.

My life’s pretty sweet.

I only hope all of my readers are also pursuing their own bliss and wallowing in their own pot of gold at the end of their own personal and professional rainbows. My rainbow may not be yours — hopefully it’s not — but what better “calling” could there possibly be than helping others reach their own goals, while enjoying my own?

And with that thought, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!