Why did I start Wicked WordCraft?

As I prepare to launch the new “makeover” of WickedWordCraft, I notice how much “sleeker” the new site feels, how it’s less “fluffy” around the edges. It’s less “cute” and I feel a bit nostalgic about the beginnings of Wicked and why I took this path, several years ago. And, I notice all that’s changed for me, for my business and for the Internet since I did.

Like the recent “facelift” here at WWC, the Internet is an example of “new school” over the traditional advertising and print media models that we all know. The Internet is a complex, organic media and it requires a complete rethinking of traditional concepts of marketing. What worked a few years ago — a photo and text printed on the traditional printed page, doesn’t work now. Effective modern modes of marketing require more fluid, dynamic and interactive approaches to communication.

Content is still king, but how that content is presented, how “inter-related” and targeted the topics and the hyperlinks and the navigation are … Well, it MATTERS.

My education and professional experiences have served me well as I conceived, built and grew WickedWordCraft.com — but not as well as my natural love of technology, thirst for knowledge, and a constant desire to work to help my clients improve the quality of their businesses and their individual lives. The constant flux in all aspects of marketing and communication in the digital age means it’s a challenge to stay a step ahead — but it’s a challenge I adore, perhaps even crave.

Wicked WordCraft is a service oriented business. That hasn’t changed, nor will it. Wicked was created to help my own clients secure more time for their own pursuits — both business and personal — while enjoying increased financial success. Wicked has served a variety of individuals and businesses: corporate clients, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and real estate agents and brokers all over the world.

But, since I am only one person, I now concentrate on my favorite client types — small business owners. In particular, I serve real estate agents, entrepreneurs and freelance/creative types.

Yes, success is sweet. But, the time to enjoy that success is even sweeter. Specialization is the key to that particular flavor of success — for me and for my clients.

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