Local Search Matters to Mobile Folks

As the competition increases for marketshare on the world-wide-web, the local folks are carving out their own piece of this pie. How about your website? Does it compete on the local level? It should.I’m working on an article right now for one of the Real Estate glossy mags on the impact of local search betas and why this matters to real estate agents, brokers and Realtors.

In case you had any question, it DOES matter. The local results are topping national ones at a quick clip. Some engines, like Google, are tracking IP addresses to serve up local content on top of other less-targeted results.

The Internet is finally coming “home” to roost — and if you aren’t working the local aspects, you will soon be losing out.

The days of throw up a bunch of keywords and link to “real estate” sites across the globe are fizzling. (Thank goodness) The impact of local-optimized sites is growing.

Once I finish the article, I’ll post it over on www.WickedWordCraft.com, but the most important thing for s to realize that you aren’t the only one “living” by your handheld. The market is growing and will only continue to grow as mobile use projections become reality.

Right now, if you punch in “Pizza” — you don’t want pizza somewhere across the globe — you want it right down the street. When your potential clients punch in “Real estate” they want the same thing. And if your site links to a site that has their local area, they still won’t call you, will they?

Localization of content, local SE listings and optimizing the Big Boy SEs are the key — with local input quickly topping all the rest.

So, if you aren’t thinking along these lines now, you should be. In the meantime, I’ll finish up this article on how to make the most of your site for local SE considerations and get that out on WickedWordCraft as soon as possible.