Gas Hike Dampens Mobile Dreams

Here in Kentucky, the gas is now over $3.25 per gallon. And whether it’s due to the Middle East, the hurricane, or simple greed… the result is that I’m wondering if the year on the road is really going to happen now.Wayne and I have been working to become totally debt-free (and it’s progressing nicely, too), but the dream of a small Airstream pulled by a Jeep 4×4 feels like it’s slipping through our fingers at the moment.

As the gas prices increase, everything else will increase in price as well. Our own choices mean that we have a few hefty expenses. Eating organic is an expensive choice — WAY expensive — especially compared to the less costly “buy it in bulk” method I’ve always used. We are healthier, I’m sure, but the cost… well, it’s a touch high. Our decision to live this remotely — and our desire to still stay in touch with others, means our travel expenses even on a weekly basis are high too.

Wayne’s commute to work coupled with our driving to get to family, friends and to attend regular events with our favorite folks is probably our largest personal outlay.

Our other choices keep expenses down, and help balance our higher expenses. We don’t have a mortgage because the cabin and the farm are paid (that’s really nice!). We can “pull our horns in” and tighten up the budget by eliminating most extra trips, dovetailing our pleasure trips with our bi-weekly shopping and such. Since I work from a home office, we have fewer traveling expense on that side, even if the personal expenses of running your own show are higher than working for someone else. So, it probably won’t hit us as hard as most, as the prices of everything increase. So, I should probably be thankful, rather than complaining.

I just hate the thought of adoring mobility as much as I do, of planning and getting excited about a trip on the road as much as we have — only to end up foregoing that dream because the gas prices are too high.

Projections are that the prices will soar to over $5.00 a gallon by next summer. We were hoping to leave that fall, or the following one. Now, we will just have to wait and see.

I wonder what magnitude of effect this will have on the prices of the things we (and everyone else) buys overall. Somehow, I seriously doubt we will ever see gas prices dip below $2.00 again. Maybe now the alternative fuels will gain a firmer marketshare and the hybrids will become more commonplace. I wonder if RV sites and electric hookups in campgrounds will permit charging your car as well as powering your camper.

I guess time will tell.