Software Review: Tried the Agendus Replacement for Palm Desktop – Hated It

In an attempt to bring all my various program platforms together, I read the info on the Palm Desktop, and despite the poor ratings on, I gave it a whirl.

It looks pretty, but it’s useless for my needs. The first thing I noticed was that some of my appointments for today didn’t show up.

So I opened my Palm Desktop and yup, there they were. So I ensured that I’d removed any filters from Agendus and looked again. They were still gone.

So I added another appointment to my calendar this evening. It appeared on Agendus, but not on the Palm Desktop. I added one on the Palm Desktop, but it never appeared on Agendus.

At first, I was impressed with the fact that I can send an email directly from the contacts list in Agendus. Being a user of FireFox and Thunderbird, I like programs that “play nice” with these two.

Although the send worked great, whenever I wanted to update my “recent emails” listing in Agendus, it launched Thunderbird — right over the top of the Agendus Desktop. So, I’d have to “x-out” or minimize the email program every time. Not very user friendly.

Since I want solutions, rather than more problems, I uninstalled the Agendus for Palm Desktop within 30 minutes of downloading it.

This may be an “up and coming” program for my needs, but it’s not “arrived” yet.

You know, every time I ignore the user responses on software, I end up being one of those negative responses. Seems like I’d learn, doesn’t it?