Found a Great Healthy (and Organic) Snack for the Office

I’ve been doing the natural foods/organic deal for quite a few weeks now. And the hardest thing has been the “snacks” to tuck away near my desk for that 3:00-4:00 p.m. “slump” that I hit.

I think I’ve finally found what will work — a little organic combination of goodies!

I’ve discovered dried Organic (unsulphured, unsweetened) Mango. It’s delicious! I think I like it almost as much as my organic dark chocolate squares and my daily handful of organic almonds or walnuts.

It’s not cheap, and I guess you would have to love mangoes as much as I do (which would be a feat) — but if you are looking for a quick to grab, good-for-you little mid-afternoon pick-me-up — try some dried mango slices.

Simlar to “fruit leather” concepts, but this one is not chopped and “reformed” — it’s just sliced and dried and that’s it.

I got mine at Wild Oats Lexington, Kentucky. But, I’m sure you can order them from anywhere.