TreoShutter – Making It Easier to Take Pictures With the Treo

A cool little hack (and it’s a free program) makes it possible to take a photo without touching your Treo 650’s screen.

So now you can click a quick photo of that new residential real estate listing and send it to you latest potential relocation client or local buyer, without the “shake” effect of the touchscreen button.

You can now designate your volume keys or the side button as the “shutter” button for the Treo camera.

The program TreoShutter, is available at and I’ve now tried it on a new, stripped Treo 650. It works like a charm.

I’ll be adding this to the “must have” list for my own Treo. It makes it easier to take photos without the “shake” I get from holding it with one hand and using my stylus to push the onscreen button with the other.