Making Phone Calls and Contact Lookup Easier on the Treo – TAKEphONE

I’ve decided to rebuild my Treo 650 by hand from a hard reset — so I can be SURE there’s nothing I don’t want on it. I like neat, clean systems. I’ve decided that I will be repairing the old one as a “test” device.

So, finding the best and the brightest for my WickedTreo readers won’t mean putting the Treo I use a hundred times a day, at risk.

As I rebuild my Treo 650, I rediscover some of the little programs I took for granted. Like TAKEphONE.

TAKEphONE is a great little program (available from, of course)– it will be greater when there are more skins available for it. Right now, there are only a few and most of them are blue — which is my least favorite color in the world, with the possible exception of “teal” — you know, the color that dead flesh must surely turn. But I digeress…

Anyway, the TAKEphONE is a wonderful little program from the Iambic Software website “TAKEphONE is a wrapper for the Palm OS address-book application, designed to enhance & simplify the most common tasks: Finding phone numbers & Creating/editing contacts. These tasks can be done without the use of a stylus, and with just a few taps on the screen.”

And we all like doing as much as possible without the sylus, unless it’s required, don’t we? I don’t want to use my stylus to make a phonecall, or take a picuture, for example. ;o)

This joins the other programs on my “must have” list for my own Treo 650. Once I completely rebuild this machine, I may post a list of “whats on my Treo 650” for my readers.