How to Get Rid of Icons On the Treo 650 – FASTHIDE Hack

Another must-have program, for me, is FastHide developed by Palmosters. It’s a quick little hack that allows me to “hide” away the icons I don’t want to wade through a dozen times a day — like the “welcome” tour.

Once you have done that once, do you EVER want to do it again?

Originally, I created a category to hold all that stuff that I didn’t want to view all the time, but I still had to cycle through it when searching for something.

Now, I can hide all but my essential programs — and I can easily turn them back “on” by going into the quick, easy to use interface. If the eye icon is open, I can view it, if it’s closed, it’s hidden.

It means my essential programs are at fingertip access and the stuff I don’t use, but can’t uninstall — like VersaMail, the Welcome Tour, the SIM information, etc — is not on my primary screens.

You can “try before you buy” with this one to see if you will use it. There is a 21 day trial. I bought it within two days of my trial download. And, as an aside, I wish all the palm program developers offered a nice registration interface that only required the use of a stylus like FastHide does, instead of a keypad. It makes registration (one of the most bothersome aspects of running paid palm software) a breeze.

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