Move Over SupraKey! Latest in Security for Real Estate in Japan? Vein Scanning for Identification

While developers are busy with a chip in your cell phone which will permit you to leave your credit card behind (it’s in there), your keys at home (an electronic key’s in there) and all your personal data, contacts, files, music, movies, books (it’s all in there too with products like the Treo 650) — a new product launch in Japan uses the veins in your hands as an electronic “house key.”

So you use what you carry naturally to verify your identity before allowing condo access. More accurate than fingerprinting and iris scanning, this marks the first residential use of this type of technology.

This new device is a “touch free” model for germaphobes, is difficult to dupe (vein structure is subdermal, so it’s hard to fake) and has an incredible success rate (less than .0008% false acceptance rate and .01% false rejection rate).

Due to be used in a new residential condominium scheduled for construction completion in early 2006, Fujitsu’s security tool has already been used in financial institutions, hospitals and universities in Japan.

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Personally, scanning body parts has always given me the wiggins. I have even declined to be fingerprinted when my kids were born and I won’t bank in any location that requires such things. I love technology, but I like my privacy more.

For those of you unfettered with such hangups — its a “Brave New World” out there! ;O)