Latest Beta Version of The Core Pocket Media Player Has Been Released!

As you know, I’ve raved about the “unstable” version 0.65 version of TCPMP player for video files on the Treo 650.

Yesterday, I learned that they had released the latest version, beta version 0.66.

The SECOND I get my new Treo up to snuff on the basics, this will be my first “new” download to the new handheld.

It really saved my sanity, and increased my comfort level, during the long ride to Colorado and the even LONGER ride home earlier this month.

I find the old “unstable” version to be one of the most stable programs I use. I can’t wait to learn what’s new in this version. They do not guarantee anything, and I’ve not tried the new version yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes. I’d love to be able to play music using this in the “background” — that’s one of the reasons I still have another music player (realplayer) still on my Treo — because I like listening to music on my headphones while doing other things like surfing the web, sending email, typing on a document, or even playing a game!

It’s built under GNU public license, which means it free (although they do offer a contribution option).

I contribute to a few software companies and a few websites that offer exceptional services. I think this one will make my list this year too.

So, if you haven’t checked it out, now is the time. Visit them at (Update 4/2011 – this link is now defunct) to download your own copy.

And look in my archives for information on how to get the program to “rip” DVDs from your own collection to view while out mobile.

I completed the entire first season of Dead Like Me while on the road to Colorado, and when I stayed awake a bit longer than everyone else in the RV — so I didn’t disturb their sleep.

Try it, you’ll like it! :O)