How Useful is the Treo 650 Camera? You Judge!

I’ve had a few questions from Realtors and agents this morning about the usefulness of the Treo’s camera for daily applications. It made me realize that, although I blogged and illustrated with photos on my site, I’d not done it here. So, if you want to see how the photos look, bear with a couple examples from my personal collection — taken while I was on vacation.Below are a few examples of some of the photos I took, one both sizes available when using the Treo. I should also mention that there is a black and white and a sepia option on the camera as well. The photos have not be adjusted or changed in any way. This is the way they look immediately after taking them with the Treo. So, depending on how large you want the image, or how small you need it to be for those working without the mega-expansion cards I carry, I offer the following examples containing my daughter and some of the Colorado landscape:

You will note that the photo taker here wasn’t exactly steady — these were quick shots and some required quick responses — like the one that captured the butterfly in flight. Others had movement — like the mountain stream.

It’s not the quality I’d recommend for showcasing houses, but it’s great for sending quick pictures of a new listing by email, capturing an image on short notice and recording some moments that would be lost forever if they depended on carrying and unpacking a digital wherever you go. (And, between you and me, the grandparents LOVE the emails of the grandkids sent the second they do something cute… but I digress.)

We all carry our phones, now you can carry a camera too — without any additional devices, weight or hassles. Personally, I’ll be downloading and trying the program that permits taking pictures with the side buttons, instead of a screen press, before my next trip out and about.