Google Makes Another Step in the Mobile Direction – Buys Android Mobile Software Company

Andriod, a secrecy-cloaked startup company headed by former Danger, Inc founder, was just purchased by Google, according to a report in Business Week Online.

The Android website,, gives little information about the company, and consists of three maps with office locations and a hardhitting track of synthesized music for visitors. That’s it.

To read the whole story, visit the

Business Week article online.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Goggle is up to next. I love Google.

Although many have lost the rosy view of Google since they became the leading SE online, I still can’t shake the feeling that this “superpower” in the world of the Internet will continue it’s historical pattern of cutting edge betas and expanding the way the masses use the information on the Internet — both wired and mobile!