Business Card Blues – Finding the Perfect Business Card Isn’t Easy

Although the trip was wonderful, it’s really great to be back home, where I belong.

Now, I’m getting back down to business and reviewing my own website, doing some updates and preparing to do the most dreaded task on my list… ordering new business cards. You would think in my line of business, that designing new business cards would be no big deal, but I agonize over it.

It’s time for a “face-lift” in my marketing, and I want to get the new cards about the same time I do a public announcement on the new URL for this blog and my new revamp of

I hope to have it all coming together by September 1st, but if I can’t find my business cards, I might not make it.

I’ve looked at holographic cards, 3-D motion cards (the kind we had on dime store fairy-tale books when I was a kid), wooden cards, vellum transparent cards, high gloss cards, metal cards, etc, etc.

I like the ones I have from before, they were simple and elegant. They had embossing and foil, the also cost nearly a grand — and I need something I can use now — without that kind of investment.

But, I may go back to the same card, it was lovely. High quality paper, nice extras, elegant, simple, understated.

This decision makes me crazy — every time I have to make it.

It’s so easy to advise others, so simple to see what they need to brand their businesses. But this is like editing my own writing — I can do it, but it’s difficult. I have to do some work on it, then get away and let it “cool” and come back to it with fresh eyes in a couple days.