Treo Tragedy and a New Treo is On the Way!

Having damaged my Treo during my recent trip to Colorado, I ordered a new one the second I returned home.

Thankfully, I found a good deal on (gotta love eBay!) and it should arrive soon — I’m hoping today or tomorrow.

The “Treo Trauma” came following a near miss with losing it. My Treo literally fell OUT of it’s holder and hit the pavement.

Although it still *works* — it doesn’t work well. Let’s just say it’s all flaky now.

Yep, flaky would cover it. The thumboard works when it feels like it — which isn’t often.

When it does work, it intersperses caps and lowercase letters randomly amongst my text. The hard buttons similarly work when the spirit moves them.

Thank goodness for my Hi-launcher program and my bluetooth keyboard, or I would not have been able to blog or do anything on the trip back home.

(The unfortunate fall happened just moments before my return trip began).

Now, having said all that, I must say that there are a few things that will be revisited about my Treo now.

I love my leather case by Piel Frama, but due to heavy use, it has stretched. In doing so, there’s a bit too much room for “play” — which is why the Treo flew from my hand –leaving the case still firmly planted in the palm of my hand — and went skidding across the pavement as I stepped out of the truck.

Imagine my horror as it hit with a crunch and flew to pieces — the battery cover going one direction, the battery skidding another and the main body skipping across the pavement in a third, and seemingly unrelated, direction.

Ever have that “heart sinking” feeling? Yeah, that’s the one I felt.

So, although I love the cover, I’ll be shopping for a new one. Perhaps those rubber “Treo condom” types are better than I thought. They might have protected it a bit more — or, since it landed on the keypad — there may be no help for such an incident at all.

I’ll let you know what I find in the way of new Treo protective cases — who knows, perhaps there are newer, better options than the last time I looked nearly a year ago.