Rumors of a Treo 670 Abound

I keep seeing rumor mongers discussing the possibility of a new Treo using the Microsoft Windows OS platform.

[more]I do hope these are unfounded rumors. I can’t imagine Palm shooting itself in the proverbial foot, by adopting the MS platform.

One of the things I like best about the Palm platform is how neat it can be, with good programming, how each program can stand alone. When I envision an MS version, I see bloat — lots and lots of bloat.

Although, if a Linux version of the Treo were available, that would be of some interest. But, since I just replaced my Treo 650 from the unfortunate series of events (makes you think of Lemony Snicket, eh?) I’d hate to have a new model coming out.

I’d also hate to loose the access to all the programs (several hundred dollars worth) that I’ve invested getting my Treo to do what I want it to do. I will not be held hostage by Microsoft. I might consider Linux, but I far prefer the Palm platform.

I’m doing what I can to reduce the amount of MS products I use in my own business. I use the Mozilla products Firefox browser and Thunderbird email, rather than deal with the MS programs and their inherent security issues.

Using MS for my Treo would be… well… horrid. Makes me think of the 2003 comments about spam and MS, wherein California Senator, Debora Bowen, was quoted as saying “Trusting Microsoft to protect computer users from spam is like putting telemarketers in charge of the do-not-call list.” MS mucks up enough without messing with my favorite toy and productivity tool.

Yep, and putting MS on a Treo… well, the thought of it makes me ill.