Tried on a Pair of Motorola Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses by Oakley — Dubbed RAZRWire — Way Cool Stuff!

While shopping for a replacement Treo 650, I tried on a pair of Bluetooth headset fitted Oakely sunglasses, expected by local retailers to be released later this month.

Way cool! WAYYY.

Now, I think it’s stupid to set out a display and let people see and touch something they can’t yet own –after all, that gives me the opportunity to come back home and regain my senses without opening my purse — but they didn’t ask me for MY marketing advice, did they?


Just the same, once I had them on —

[More]I must admit that I was impressed. The articulation on the device, the ability to turn and twist and manipulate the headset earpiece into just the exact location for ear comfort and use, was nice.

It’s like the difference between the old action figures of my youth (the current bluetooth headsets I’ve tried) and the 120-points of articulation models my kids get to own (this new Motorola and Oakley creation).

And, while I’m still looking for, even designing, my own best mobile gadget bag for the Treo, the ability to carry a pair of sunglasses that double as my bluetooth earpiece, and look good doing the double duty, is … well… alluring.

Will I buy a pair of my own? Who knows, the guy at the Cingular showroom displaying the models took nearly 30 minutes and a couple calls to his manager-types to report back that he had no idea how much they cost… but he was sure they would be “way expensive” — how’s that for service and excellent marketing technique all rolled into one?

That was in the Danville, Kentucky Cingular cell phone store, if anyone cares — so try someplace else if you want any real answers, or service.

About the glasses, I think I just might have to try a pair — once I recover from spending my Treo “mad money” to replace the Treo itself.

I like them, and will get a pair, if the Bluetooth and the headset works as well as the glasses do, even if they make me look a little like a “Terminator” wanna-be.

This would, ostensibly, be the answer to wired earsets that go “flying” across the car when you turn your head the wrong way, or heavy, uncomfortable BT headsets that require constant adjustment.

Now, if only they would put it on both ears and make it stereo so I can listen to music and movies with my sunglasses (which should be light reactive, for indoor and low light usage)… ahhhh, I love cutting edge technology!