Organic, Decadent Lunch and Problem Parenting

I scheduled my bus route to go through Dallas, with a four hour layover, so I could have a long, leisurely lunch and visit with my friend Christine Whitman of

It had been nearly two years since I had seen her, although I talk with her by phone, email and IM several times a week.

Due to the delays, the four hour lunch was whittled down to just over an hour by the time I hit Dallas.

Christine met us at the depot, where I had finally escaped Mike, and we went to a wonderful organic cafe nearby.

The food was delicious and the company was even better. It made me wish that I worked physically closer to this particular peer. Alex announced that we should meet Christine for lunch every day.

Of course, Christine showered Alex with gifts, including a coloring book and markers (which have kept her busy for hours on the trip), a bear and a 101 Dalmatians backpack that has now been dedicated to her Game Boy stuff. She brought me relaxing teas, which I plan to begin enjoying the second I return home. And she gave us each a bottle of water. 🙂

Her husband paid for our lunch (even though he wasn’t there) and we had a great visit.

Thanks, to you both!

We got back in time to run and catch our bus and head on to Nashville. For the next five hours, I was sitting in front of a woman and a child, under the age of two. For the first three hours, the mother thought it was cute and would laugh when the baby screamed at the top of it’s lungs — not angry, not crying, just a blood-curdling outburst of lung-testing. By the fourth hour, even the mom no longer thought it was funny, so she began smacking the child, making it scream and cry for a bit before beginning the recreational screaming again.

Thankfully, they parted company with us in Memphis. Alex kept asking me if she was like that as a baby. She wasn’t, none of my kids behaved that way as babies. Perhaps it’s because I never laughed and encouraged them. Either way, it was a long, sleepless trip through the night.

A couple photos of how Alex ignored the problem, feet propped up on my backpack and eyes glued to her gameboy. Her earphones must have been better than my own!

I am now awaiting the next (and final) bus on this trip. In three more hours we should be in Cookesville, TN.

I’m going to be really happy to see Wayne and get back home.

It will probably be AT LEAST another 18 years before I get up the nerve to try this again. That means that, even if I go completely brain-dead enough to think “oh, it’s not so bad” at some point in the future, I’ll only be able to ride a bus a few more times in my life before I did. Thank goodness!

If anyone out there is wondering if they should take a Greyhound bus, the answer is no. NO. Don’t do it. Take a plane or even a train, heck, WALK if you must — but leave the bus Nazis alone!