The Kindness of Strangers

I recently got a good-sized dose of a much-needed faith in humanity.

I’m not fatalistic, by any means, but I had given up on the wisdom of trusting strangers some time back.

[more]As I dashed out the truck door, I was trying to figure out what my next dozen steps would be.

I would need to call my own 800 number and hope someone kind answered on the other end. I didn’t hold out much hope for that one. Then I’d need to call Cingular and tell them to block my account and see if there was any way to track attempted uses.

I’d have to figure out how to afford a new Treo immediately — rather than budgeting for it when the next model came out.

I was jabbering to myself mentally. And, the bench where I was sitting was barren.

A young man and woman came out of an adjacent insurance office. He looked at my face and said, “Did you lose a cell phone?”

You can’t imagine my wave of relief. He went on to explain that they found it, and were in the process of trying to figure out how to locate the owner. They had called someone (a family member) and had Josh on the phone at that very moment.

I hugged the man. Literally. And the woman, who turned out to be his wife, just beamed a smile and said she was glad that they had found me.

The couple, Jeff and Jennifer Harkness, refused a reward and were simply lovely. The owner of the insurance business, Don Portco, was the one making the calls to locate me.

Great people. They really did restore my faith. If you ever need insurance services in Salida, Colorado, a good honest man can be found at 134 West Rainbow. Give him a call at 719-539-4758. Or, visit him on the web at

And, Jeff, Jennifer and Don — THANK YOU!