More Treo Traumas

As soon as we got the Treo back, we had only minutes before it was time to leave for Pueblo, where I was to catch my bus.

Yeah, foolish woman that I am, I figured that taking the bus couldn’t be nearly as bad as I remembered it.

The last time I rode on a bus was 18 years ago, when I was pregnant with Nicholas.

So, Alex and I were headed out on a two day adventure, cross country on the bus. She was looking forward to it and, having recovered my Treo, I felt all was right with the world.

Then, when we stopped to ask for directions (MapQuest failed us — and didn’t give a couple key turns), I stepped onto the pavement and dropped my Treo, it went flying out of the case and the battery cover went one direction, the battery went another and the body of the unit when a third.

The only problem with depending on an all-in-one is what you do when the all-in-one gets broken.

My Treo is broken.

It appeared to have survived the abuse, until I tried to IM and the thumboard was doing weird things. It’s alternating caps and lowercase, the hard coded buttons only work when they feel like it (which isn’t often) and I’m kinda bummed.

On the bright side, it still works fine with the portable keyboard, which is how I’m typing this entry now — and I can make phone calls. All important when I’m on the road. Another silver lining is… if the powers that be were determined to force a purchase of a new unit, I far prefer having a broken unit to having a lost unit.

At least this way, I’ll have an extra battery in my collection for next time. Three batteries would have been much better than the two I had this trip.

I’m going to have to get a better security system for peace of mind should I ever misplace the unit again. I need to get the case to carry all my Treo stuff, as I’ve been planning, so there’s no more shuffling of pieces and parts. And, although I love my flip case, I’m going to have to look at a new type, since the use of this one has stretched it out so that it fell first from the case in my hand (out of the top) and then to the pavement. I’m not sure what would have saved my little Treo, but I’m sure I’ll correct that by the time the new unit arrives.

As soon as I return home, I’ll be ordering a new one. That’s the end result of having the Treo for this trip — I’m sure I’ll never leave home without it and I’ve determined that it is an excellent laptop replacement option.

More later…