Treo Traumas – Lost My Treo 650

I went into town today with my sister, her husband, my daughter and my uncle.

After several joint stops, my sis, my daughter and I asked to stop off at a jewelry shop — I had hoped to get the jade ring I purchased in China reset in a nicer ring. I thought that would be a great souvenir for my trip out here, and something I’d use a lot.

Normally, I get a sterling silver charm wherever I travel, but I thought the ring would be nice.

So they drop us off, and go to pick up a few things at a local store. The jewelry artisan’s studio is closed on Mondays and the guys were already gone. And, they stayed gone for two hours.

So, we looked around a bit, and I found a natural food store, and we returned to the storefront and sat, and sat, and sat…

Two hours later, with us sitting in the heat, and Alex finally giving up and napping with her head on my left leg, they appeared.

We were NOT happy campers. So, my sister and I cooked up a plan… we would have her husband come over to carry Alex back to the truck (she was still fast asleep) and I would steal the front seat, forcing him to the cramped back seat.

Our *censored*y little plan worked perfectly… then we fussed at the guys for the wait in the heat.

I planned to return to Tennessee by way of bus, where Wayne was to pick Alex and me up. That meant that we would be leaving this evening. So, I had to get back and pack for the trip home.

Once we were back at the RV site, I looked figured I should top off the battery in my Treo before making the trip to Pueblo to catch the bus. That’s when I discovered it was missing.

I started turning everything upside down looking for it, when it hit me. The last place I remembered having it was on my right thigh, when Alex’s uncle was scooping her up asleep.

So, I reasoned, being *censored*y had cost me my Treo. Pops took me back to town while my sister and her husband, and my uncle looked for it in the RV.

I was cursing. A lot. I was regretting not having a security program in place that I liked, despite having tried several.

I was wondering how I could manage without it, and simultaneously was kicking myself for being too dependent on the little device.

When we got there, the bench was empty, of course. I got out to look closer, just in case.

I had explained, on the way out with Pops, that yes, I did have a complete backup, and yes, my private information was encrypted on the ewallet program, but I was stressing about all the other aspects of replacing it. It wasn’t a problem to get a new unit, it was a problem to have my old one floating around.

Getting a new one meant laying out cash and spending a day re-customizing.

So I searched…