Mountaintops and a Day to Write

Today I spent in all the glory of nature. Today I had several hours to write and dream and plan beside a sparkling, cold crystal mountain stream.

Pops and I picked up my sister and her husband at the Denver airport yesterday and we all went exploring today.

I was a bit concerned about getting too high without a week to acclimate, so Alex and I took a tent and selected a site at just at 10k feet to spend the day.

I found a great rock beside the stream and did some writing the old fashioned way — with a notebook and pencil. Yup, not on the Treo!

I did some sketches of the layout for our future Bambi for our own camping get aways, and we harvested wild mountain raspberries.

Here are a couple shots of Alex picking and eating the berries, she thought they were manna. :O)

Although I’ve never been a raspberry fan, I must say having sweet, ripe wild ones has changed my mind. I still won’t buy them in the store, but I’ll pick them any chance I get in the wild.

It was a day of dreams and fantastic views — of both scenery and wildlife.

Alex and I both enjoyed our “Girl day” and I only wish Wayne were here with us. If he were, I’d probably stay a couple more weeks.

But for now, I’m ready to see my husband again, and get in a position to come out here with him and explore.

Until then, I’ll just be happy that I’ve seen it once and that I now know, as I’ve always suspected, that I’ll enjoy exploring out west.