Preliminary Report on Treo 650 as a Laptop Replacement

Having been on the road or several days now, I can say that there are a few things I plan to discover, determine and work out before my next trip away from a traditional computer.

First, I need to figure out how to upload photos from my 650 camera (media) software to my blog directly.

Find a way to view native PDF documents that clients send me via email. This one is going to be tough, I’m sure.

Have a single “mobile office tote” for all Treo 650 devices, accessories, etc. I don’t need much of a purse these days, so I’m hoping to find a small purse/organizer/mini-briefcase type of tote that will work for all my Treo stuff and have an extra pocket for my keys, sunglasses and a lip balm. I keep looking for this without any luck, but I’m going to step up the effort and find the solution before I travel again.

There’s a glitch of some sort with the bluetooth wanting to be on all the time, after the firmware update. I need to track down this issue and fix it. Right now, if I turn off the BT, it tries to relaunch on it’s own when I activate the device for use, and if my response to the request to turn it on is anything other than YES… I end up with a loop of the same question that eventually requires a soft reset. Not good.

More on my discoveries later, for now, I’m going to watch an episode of “Dead Like Me” on my Treo and get some shut-eye.