Best IM Program for the Treo 650 – On the Road Instant Messenger

What program works best for IM (instant messenger program)? I finally found the answer!

After a series of disappointments in performance, cross-platform compatibility and subscriptions — yes, companies that wanted to charge a hefty monthly or annual fee for access to FREE messenger programs like YM! (the only one I’ll use these days), MSN, ICQ and AOL.

I chafe at the idea of paying for something that everyone else is getting for free — just because I want to use it on the road.

So, I needed a viable solution and I found it in a reasonably priced one-time purchase platform to handle all the big players in the IM market.

[more]Mundu 3.0 rocks. It’s a sweet little app that’s been doing everything I want it to do for several days of full-time, on-the-road connectivity. Visit (Update 4/2011 – this link is now defunct) for more info.

You can get yours at Palm Gear, like I did, or you can use another vendor.

The program offers a “Run in the background” option that makes it particularly useful. You can customize the alarms for buddies when they buzz you, when they come online and when they log off. Or, you can keep it quiet. You can be alerted when you get a message,or you can use an autoresponse that you are away at the moment. (That last one is a hard sell for those of us who stay connected the majority of the time. )

If you are staring at your Treo thinking, “You are soooo close to being everything I ever wanted in a mobile device… if only you had IM…” Then consider this your answer.

This program is good enough, I’d like to see it shipped with the standard software package from Palm.

It will be added to the WickedTreo essentials list I’m compiling for my readers who wish to be roadwarriors. I hope to share that list when I return to the office in a couple weeks. By then, I should have tested and know the good,the bad, and the ugly about all the systems I’m slapping into overdrive for the Treo. Trial by fire — a great way to know for sure, don’t you agree?