Are We Having Fun Yet? Swimming, Saving and Arc Welding

The next morning after we had breakfast, the men went in search of a welder. Alex went swimming in the pool and I hauled her out when her bravery outpaced her new swimming skills in water that was a bit over her head.

She didn’t freak out once I grabbed her and drug her back to the side. She even continued swimming for awhile, albeit in the shallow end thereafter. I hope that she’s now safely past both the screaming fear of the water and the overblown confidence phases of learning to swim.

While Alex was swimming and I was reading my latest copy of “Wired” magazine — or at least trying, before all the drama of flailing arms and a little blond head going under the water took center stage. Then I was playing lifeguard instead.

Considering that she was terribly afraid of water this spring (the only fear I think the child has EVER known), we have made good progress.

The guys found Arc-Welding angel “AL” of … you guessed it… “Al’s Welding” in Odessa. He did a great job of custom building one impressive bumper (not that I’m a bumper expert — but that thing is never going to sag again!)

And, his shop was impressive. I love a metal shop — all the tools all the possibilities — and he even had the big presses and punches for custom metalwork and did aluminum welding as well. Some pretty cool stuff there, even to my unpracticed eyes.

So, if you are even in ODessa, MO and you are in need of a bumper repair, custom metal working, or even just a good story… give Al a yell. (I don’t know the area code, but his phone number is 633-7556) and he’s on 104 Marlow Street.

We were back on the road by late afternoon and Alex and I had both enjoyed the luxury of a nap while the bulk of the work was being done. A NAP!!! ON A WEEKDAY!!! So, you see, this was quite a vacation day. 🙂

A photo of Alex relaxing in the camper’s bed, while the bumper repairs were taking place and “writing like mommy” in her travel notebook:

We drove through Kansas that night — so all the flatland wasn’t oppressively boring. I know, my Kentucky side is showing. I can’t help it, I like hills and land with character.

Now, we are in Salida, Colorado and have made camp at the RV park. It’s a beautiful place. Out every window we can see mountain ranges. And I watched it rain on the mountain from here, sitting in the sunshine, this evening.

Alex and I made a trip to a local store and picked up a bit more supplies and a hummingbird feeder. Alex saw several hummingbirds and chipmunks the moment we arrived and was so impressed. So, I got her a feeder of her own.

It’s late now, so I’ll write more soon. Just as I’d been told, I DO like Colorado and this trip, even with the saggy bumper, has only served to make me think even harder about my own long-term trek with Wayne and Alex in the near future.

I have to go do a bit of daydreaming now…