St. Louis and Beyond the Arch

Yesterday we passed the St. Louis Arch. Although we didn’t stop (this is a really quick trip out to Colorado for us), I was able to look up the history and all the stats on the Arch for Alex as we continued to travel on. She was impressed with the sight of it. It’s pretty cool, I must admit.

We are nearing Kansas City now, after stopping to camp at a KOA last night. We aren’t making great time, but it’s a comfortable trip thus far.

I’m cooking all-organic for the guys and they seem to be enjoying it. Alex, of course, loves anything I cook. (Wayne calls her his little “Tapeworm” — which is pretty accurate at this age.)

She’s growing so fast that she’s turning food-fuel into height inches overnight! She recently lost her first tooth (very tough on ol’ Mom) and is busy trying to wiggle a second one free. She’s expressed some concern that the tooth fairy may not be able to fly as fast as we are traveling, should she lose it in transit. :O)

Working with the Treo is going extremely well. Of course, both my father and my Uncle are using me as a reference library en route. I don’t mind. As my husband says, If I’d been a Sim, I’d have been a knowledge Sim.

So far, I’ve tracked the route via MapQuest, I’ve looked up a bird that they saw last time they were out her (Pops wanted to see a photo of it), I’ve looked up information on the building of the St. Louis Arch (including how many people died making it — which was zero for those interested), I’ve looked up campground information, have determined that the CO campground has WiFI access for Pop’s laptop, have looked up the definition of larceny (that was an interesting conversation), the stats on the demographics of St. Louis and a number of other things I can’t even remember). All of this is in addition to blogging, checking email and doing my own work-related research online.

I love my Treo!

I’m keeping a blog on the use of the Treo and my impressions of using a Treo 650 as a mobile office over on WickedBlog’s sister site, Http://, for those interested in Treo info.

Have a great day!