Blogging from Games Workshop’s GamesDay 2005 in Chicago

Kinda cool to be able to blog onsite like this. My husband is in the middle of a tournament game, my son is painting a figure, my daughter (who has just completed her FOURTH painted figure) is now settling into a coloring contest.

The crowd is huge and…

… there are random, but regular whoops and hollering. The kids love it. My “Kid at heart” husband is having a blast, and I must admit that I even painted a figure myself. Of course, I’m slow and my end results aren’t so hot, but I’m participating :O)

The painting entries will be judged soon, and Wayne has been pacing a bit in anticipation. The competition this year, especially in his category, is particularly stiff. I overheard one entrant in another category comment “Gee, I’m glad I didn’t select THAT category this year, those are awesome!” And he’s right, they are.

People-watching, one of my favorite past times, is at a peak level here. All ages, all interest groups. A wide and varied… and may I say unusual crowd indeed.

I’ve seen some interesting t-shirt art here… like the one that said “Always a pallbearer, never a corpse.” and another which says… “It takes a Viking to Raze a Village.”

All said, a pretty good way to spend a relaxing Saturday with the family. Now, having proved that I can finally blog from anywhere, I’m going to look for more cool t-shirts, do a bit of shopping for Christmas presents, and maybe sneak out long enough for a hair cut while the rest of the family hangs out in the nether world of GamesDay 2005.