A Personal Aside: Sometimes I’m Too Obsessed With Mobility

This week, while preparing for our trip, I asked my daughter (she’s seven) to jot down a few notes while I drove.

She laughed after carefully printing the first couple items on a scrap of paper…

“Look, Mommy, it’s like this is my stylus (holding out her pencil) and this is like my Treo (displaying the envelope I gave her for her list).”

Now, if that’s not odd, I don’t know what is. The palm is an electronic imitation of the old fashioned pencil and paper — a better organized, more powerful and expanded version, no doubt, but still…

It struck me as extremely odd that she reversed the comparison. She’s growing up in the digital age. My own little techno-baby. I know my own passion for such devices is only compounding her rate of absorption, but sometimes it still strikes me as odd when she wants to have a laptop and a PDA more than a doll or even a gameboy.

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