Woo Hoo! Lookie, Mom, No Wires! Blogging on Geeklog From a Treo 650

I’m blogging while hubby is driving up I-65 headed to the Windy City!

Although I couldn’t blog on the old version of www.WickedBlog.com, apparently the new version of Geeklog — or maybe it’s the new firmware updates or some other issue. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that with the latest software on my server for Geeklog and the latest updates on my Treo 650, I’m finally able to blog on the road.

Can you hear my “Yipee!!!” from where you are? You probably can.

And, a matter of moments before we left, the new Think Outside keyboard was delivered.

I preposted a blog on here for Monday about ways to write on the Treo, and I must say that this little keyboard exceeds expectations so far.

I downloaded the Treo 650 drivers from the manufacturer’s website and also downloaded a copy of the user’s manual here on my Treo, last night, hoping that the keyboard would arrive by the time I headed out west on Monday a.m. — and here it is. Great service from seller who rushed the delivery for me so I’d have it to travel.

The pairing on this device was a split-second affair, unlike the marathon battles with the others I’ve tried.

The keyboard is a good, full size and despite the competition’s claims of no numbers, it does have them — but they are function keys instead of a dedicated row. That may be a problem for someone who uses numbers a lot, but I’m not one of those people. I can type pretty fast, some say amazingly fast, but I’ve always had to “hunt and peck” numbers. So, I Don’t really object to the function keys for numbers, I far prefer that to having additional size added to this sweet little device.

By the time I’m finished with my back-to-back trips, I should know if I’ve found my solution. I hope I have.

I know it may sound odd to some, but I’m extremely excited about an easy-to-use, quick pairing BT keyboard that will make writing down my ideas and thoughts even quicker. That ability raises the value of the Treo to a whole new level for me.

Bye! I’m going to discover if I can work on an article with ease. *grin* Or maybe respond t a couple emails that require a longer response.