Reading, Writing and … Math… on the Treo 650

Reading and writing on the Treo 650 are my primary concerns. Communicating using this little device is a breeze. All systems go there.

But the laptop replacement and the replacement for a stack of reading material… well that’s still an issue. So, I’ve done a bit of research, tested quite a few programs, and have discovered as much of what I don’t want as what I do.

Reading on the Treo 650:

I bought iSilo as my reader. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things with that program so far. I like the embedded images, the nice cover art on some of the books and the illustrations inside others. It makes it a little more like a book, a little less like a digital file. I also like the scrolling (adjustable speed) option.

Yeah, you must be pretty durn lazy to not even want to flip a page or “click” a button to progress through an e-book, eh? Truth is, the smoother “scrolling” function makes it much easier to read. Using the “click” button like I did in my previous reader program was frustrating because I’d spend a couple seconds with each page turn trying to figure out where I was. It got on my nerves.

As I explore some of the options on this program, I’ll share my findings.

Writing on the Treo 650:

I’m still looking into the best text entry program. I’m not thrilled with Documents to Go as my writing program. It’s a GREAT application package (suite) for standard business apps. But I don’t NEED a PowerPoint presentation on my Treo Screen. I don’t even use those for my own business applications anymore. There are much nicer ways to present information.

It’s also a memory hog. I’d like to find one that will launch from the SD card and that would offer an incredible BUILT IN dictionary, spellchecker and thesaurus.

I’d like a small footprint and a native format — so all the conversions and such aren’t necessary.

I don’t want fancy fonts; I don’t need anything other than basic bullets, bold, underlining and italics 99% of the time when I’m doing my creative work. I can do heavy-handed formatting when I return to the office and crank up a Word Document.

On a small screen, trying to format could only be described as a nightmare, anyway. What I need is a quick way to type it in and get it recorded.

If anyone out there has found the perfect program for the mobile writer, let me know. I’ve ordered a new keyboard, I’m not happy with either of the ones I have.