Preparing for a Treo Road Trip

I’m heading to Chicago in a couple hours. This will be the first big test of my Treo 650 as the primary office tool, note taking device, writing tool, and … yep… entertainment.

The day I return from Chicago, I’m headed to Colorado. Not even 12 hours in between the road trips! It’s going to be interesting to determine what the most difficult aspects might be of traveling without a laptop — and using only the Treo 650.

I’ve made a few interesting little purchases in preparation for the trip.

When I return, I’ll review these and let you know what worked and what didn’t work.

I will say that some of the things I bought are simply entertainment. Nothing more. Some reading was included in the purchases and there were some serious communication and business apps as well.

Now, if only I could get a plug in that would permit me to securely log into my geeklog so I could blog direct on the road… I HATE leaving without having a way to continue to blog.

Perhaps I’ll come up with a creative solution. Or, perhaps, I’ll just enjoy the time away.

Until later…